Lost & Found Pets

Daily animal intakes may vary from 1 animal to over 30 animals in a single day. Due to the high volume of animals we see each day and the number of calls and emails we receive, we are unable to identify lost or found pets over the phone or via email. However, we will strive to reunite as many pets to their rightful owners as possible by tracing microchips, ID tags, Rabies tags and reviewing lost and found pet reports. It is ultimately the responsibility of the pet owner to come in as often as possible to the shelter during Office Hours to look through our stray-hold areas. Visit the fourth tab labeled “Reclaim Your Pet” for more information on picking up your pet that has been brought to the Humane Society of St. Joseph County.

If you have lost your pet please fill out a Lost Pet Form on the next tab. If your pet is microchipped, be sure to contact the microchip company and verify that your contact information is current. Along with doing a lost pet walk-through at the shelter, please also visit South Bend Animal Care and Control at 521 Eclipse Place, South Bend, IN. You may want to visit sites like Craigslist and Facebook groups (South Bend Lost and Found Pets, Lost and Found Pets of Michiana, Lost & Found dogs- Elkhart County, Indiana). If you do find your pet listed online, be safe when meeting the person who found your pet. Suggest meeting at a local police or fire department or at the Humane Society parking lot.

If you have found a pet please fill out the Found Pet Form on the third tab. Please be cautious when interacting with any stray animal. These animals may not be current on vaccinations which can pose a serious health threat to your pets and family members. Stray pets may be overly stressed and scared and become aggressive and bite. Keep stray animals away from other pets and children. If you are going to attempt to find the owner of the pet, you must have the pet scanned for a microchip. Be cautious when reuniting a pet to someone who has claimed to be the owner. If you have found a pet in St. Joseph County or Mishawaka City please check in with the Humane Society to verify all current ordinances are being followed as to the keeping and/or rehoming of a found pet.

Lost Pet Form

  • Although filling out a Lost Pet Form will help our staff potentially reunite you with your pet, you must still come to the shelter and do a walk through of our stray-hold area. We will make every effort to help reunite you with your lost pet but it is ultimately your responsibility to come in and check. Owners of lost pets can come in during Office Hours to view the animals in the stray hold area. Owners must be 18+ and have a valid ID.
  • Due to the high volume of animals we receive on a daily basis, we will not verify over the phone or email that we do or do not have your animal. We ask that owners with lost pets come in as often as possible to visibly look for their lost pet. If the microchip is properly registered to you, you should receive a phone call and a visit from the Humane Society telling you that your lost pet is at our shelter. However, if the phone number or address is old or disconnected information, we may not be able to reach you. If the animal is found with a rabies tag we will contact the vet on the tag and get as much information as possible so we can reunite you with your lost pet. Owners 18+ with a valid ID can look for lost pets during Office Hours.



Found Pet Form

  • Thank you for helping us reunite pets to their rightful owners. Please fill out the information below and be as detailed as possible. You may receive a follow up call or email from a Humane Society staff member.
  • The Humane Society of St. Joseph County is passionate about enhancing the human/animal bond and one of the ways we try to achieve our mission is to reunite pets to their rightful owners. Please note that a stray pet you find may not be current on vaccinations and may pose a health threat to other pets and people in the home. Stray pets may also be scared or show signs of aggression which may lead to a bite. Please keep all found animals away from your pets and children. If the animal is sick, injured or aggressive please call our office immediately. Stray animals from St. Joseph County, IN (excluding South Bend city limits) may be brought to the Humane Society anytime during Office Hours. If you are unable to transport the animal to the shelter, contact the office to arrange a stray pick-up.



Stray animals that are brought to the Humane Society of St. Joseph County are held as strays for the legal “stray-hold” time as described in the animal control ordinance of which the animal was found. The stray hold period varies between as little as one day to 14 days depending on a number of factors. It is very important that an owner comes in to do a walk-through of our stray-hold area as soon as possible during Business Hours (Monday-Saturday 8:30am-5:30pm).

In order to reclaim a pet the owner must provide the following:

  • The owner’s valid state issued ID
  • A current rabies vaccination certificate. The tag will not be accepted as proof of vaccination.
  • If the pet does not have a current rabies vaccination then the owner will have to provide a receipt of a “pre-paid rabies vaccination” from any participating vet clinic. The owner must make an appointment with the vet within 72 hours of reclaim for the rabies vaccination to be given.
  • Veterinary records (even expired records) to serve as proof of ownership.
  • If valid veterinary records cannot be obtained, other forms of proof of ownership may be required which include but are not limited to adoption or sale agreement, microchip registration, pictures of the pet with the owner/family.
  • All reclaim fees pertaining to the owner’s animal must be paid by the owner before their pet is released in their custody. Reclaim fees may include boarding fee, vaccination, license, microchip charges, and/or fines.
  • Some animals may be eligible for a “free-ride-home” if the pet is current on the rabies vaccination and pet license along with this being the first recorded offense of the pet running at large or being brought in as a stray, and is reclaimed by the owner within 24 hours of intake.
  • If reclaimed pets are ill or injured, the owner may be required to seek veterinary care for their pet within 24-72 hours.

After the legal stray-hold time is up, unclaimed animals are then evaluated by the shelter staff to determine if they are suitable for adoption or rescue transfer based on general health, temperament, and sociability. Animals found to be non-adoptable due to their health, temperament, and sociability may be euthanized.