Adopt A Cat

If you are having trouble viewing our adoptable pets, you can find them here:

You can search by shelter, or within a 10 mile radius of our zip code, 46545

View the bottom of this page for more information about meeting & adopting a shelter pet!

Our Adoption Center is open for walk-in visitors Monday-Saturday 2:00pm-4:30pm. We strongly encourage all parties interested in adopting fill out an online adoption application 48 business hours prior to visiting. This will allow us to speed up the adoption process and potentially send your new pet home with you the same day as your visit! Appointments are still preferred for approved adopters. We do not place holds on shelter pets, so becoming pre-approved will help prevent you from missing out on the pet you’d like to adopt. Please note, if you or a family member are sick or have been exposed to someone who is ill, we ask that you do not visit the shelter and wait to adopt until everyone in your home is well for at least two weeks.

How To Adopt

  1. View our adoptable pets on our website and Facebook page: Adopt a Dog  or   Adopt a Cat  &  Facebook Page
  2. Apply to adopt on our website and indicate which animal(s) you are interested in when prompted on the online application. Please only apply if you are hoping to adopt a pet in the next week: Click Here to Apply!
  3. Wait patiently as a Humane Society staff member processes your adoption application. This usually takes 1-2 business days, but may take longer. We will call you and set up a specific time for you to visit the shelter and meet the animal(s) you are interested in.
  4. At the appointment time you’ll be able to meet our adoptable pets. If it’s a match, you’ll take your new adoptable pet home the same day!
  5. All animals must be transported home in a safe and legal manner. Bring a collar and standard leash (no retractable leashes) or a secure pet carrier. We have cardboard cat carriers for sale at the shelter.
  6. During the adoption appointment you will sign the adoption placement agreement, receive copies of the animal’s vaccinations and other medical procedures and pay the adoption fee. We accept cash and credit. Personal checks will not be accepted.

Adoption Center Guidelines & Guest Expectations
• Be kind! Our compassionate staff are responsible for the care of 400+ animals daily. Please be patient as we help connect you with some of our amazing animals.
• No outside food or drinks.
• All visitors 18 years or older must sign the liability waiver prior to entering any of the adoption areas.
• All visitors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who also signs the liability waiver for the underage person. All underage persons must remain in the same area/room with the parent/guardian. For example, if the adult is in Leaping Leopards, so is the child.
• No more than 10 guests in the adoption cattery at a time. Room capacity limits posted on individual cattery rooms must be followed.
• During busy times, guests without an appointment will be limited to 20 minutes in the cattery. However, if it isn’t busy and others are not waiting to visit, guests may stay longer than 20 minutes.
• No more than 15 guests in the adoption dog kennel at a time.
• Playtimes with dogs will be reserved for approved applicants with an appointment.
• When staffing and time allow, guests without an appointment may fill out an adoption application and visit with up to two dogs for no more than 20 minutes.
• Guests are required to treat all animals with kindness and respect. No tapping or hitting on glass. No running, yelling, or fasts movements that could startle or harm animals.
• Do not reach for our touch dogs who are being walked past on leash.
• Please follow all staff instructions.

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