Dept. of Animal Control

The Humane Society of St. Joseph County operates the Department of Animal Control to ensure the safety and welfare of not only our community’s animals but also the people that they may come into contact with. The Department of Animal Control is contracted to perform animal control and sheltering services for St. Joseph County, Mishawaka City, and the towns of Osceola, Lakeville, New Carlisle, North Liberty, Roseland and Notre Dame, St. Mary’s, and Holy Cross. We do not service South Bend city limits.

Each Animal Control Officer is extensively trained in not only understanding animals but animal law unique to both Indiana and our community. ACOs typically complete an extensive three to six month training program that covers everything from breed identification, large animal rescue through criminal law and judicial procedures. To further the expertise of our ACOs, we invest in their education by sending them to training seminars taught by the National Animal Care & Control Association (NACA). These NACA certified ACOs learn a wide variety of skills including body condition scoring, safety and survival in the field, investigative report writing, case and trial preparation, large scale impounds, and disaster planning.

We take great pride in providing our community the highest quality of client and animal control services. To purchase a pet license, various animal related permits, surrender owned or stray animals, make a complaint or report a bite, please visit our office at 2506 Grape Rd., Mishawaka, IN or call us at (574) 255-4726. An Animal Control Officer or Client Care team member will be happy to help you.