Rescue the Roof Update

The Humane Society is excited to share an update on our Rescue the Roof Fundraiser!  Midland Engineering has graciously come forward to donate the cost and service of repairing our community shelter’s roof.  Because of this generous donation all proceeds that have been raised towards the repairs of our roof will now be put into our building fund for further improvements and repairs that our shelter needs.  The following are a list of improvements and repairs that currently need to be done in the shelter.

Enclosing our outdoor kennels:  Enclosing these will allow us to use the kennels throughout the year for exercising and cleaning purposes.  While we have outdoor runs for out adoption dogs in the winter it is often too cold or too snowy to use them.

Repairing broken trench drains:  Due to natural wear and tear several of our trench drains throughout the shelter have received damage and have become a safety hazard requiring attention.

Replacing kennel door dividers:  In our quarantine area we have kennel dividers that are currently a clear Plexiglas.  To help reduce stress for our dogs in quarantine we need to replace these clear dividers with a strong metal divider so the dogs can’t see each other.

Sealing quarantine cat floors:  Our floors in our quarantine cat area are currently a bare cement and need to be sealed so they aren’t so dusty.  This will help prevent the spread of diseases in our quarantine cat area.

As always we are so appreciative to our wonderful community for the support of the Humane Society and our homeless animals.  We would also like to thank our event sponsors; Smith’s Downtown Tap, Edible Arrangements, Weichart Realtors Del Meyer & Associates and Kryder Veterinarian Clinic for their generous support. Our trivia night and fundraiser was a huge success and because of our sponsors and community members that came out to participate and donate!