Name Your Own Adoption Fee!

Now until July 13th you can Name Your Own Adoption Fee for ALL cats/kittens and for select dogs. How does this special work?

Here’s some info: You visit the shelter, pick out a pet that qualifies for the special (all cats/kittens and select dogs) then you’ll fill out an adoption application. We will place a hold on the animal for you while we process your applications. Each animal could have up to three holds so they are put on as a first come first serve basis. Once your adoption application has been approved the Adoption Specialist will give you a call to set up the adoption appointment. You will then decide on what donation you’ll give for the adoption fee.

Kittens are usually $75 , cats fees are usually $50 for adults and no fee for senior cats. Dogs are usually $200. So you can make a donation in any amount you think is acceptable for adopting a pet that has been vaccinated, spayed/neutered, treated for fleas, and tested for heartworm (dogs) or FIV/Felv (cats).

No fee will be rejected however it is very important that anyone who adopts takes into consideration the cost of owning a pet. Annual vet checks/vaccinations, flea/heartworm meds, food, toys, emergency care don’t come cheap. Owning a pet can be expensive so everyone should be aware that just because they give $5 for a pet, there are more and ongoing costs involved in owning a pet. If the person feels they can meet the needs of the animal- then great! But if not, they should really wait until they feel they can afford a pet.